“Vigorous writing is concise. . . . This requires not that the writer make all of his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but that every word tell.” – William Strunk, Jr.


Copywriting Samples


Copywriting for Email Marketing & Direct Mail Marketing
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EMail and Direct Mail 

That’s Great News!
That’s Great News! outsources a lot of its back office and marketing work to the Philippines and teamed with another business to offer outsourcing to its customers. I wrote the email they used for their initial marketing effort.
EMail, short version
EMail, long version

Specialty Technical Publishing (STP)
STP publishes comprehensive guides that help organizations maintain compliance and mitigate risk. The company commissioned a third-party customer satisfaction research project. When results indicated its customers were, indeed,  quite satisfied it sent this email to customers and prospects.
EMail announcing results of customer satisfaction research project

Offshore Alert
Direct Response Letter
This letter and its hard hitting facts helped drive registrations for the company’s annual conference.

Filtration Solutions
Self-Mailer Letter
The response rate was 5%. The self-mailer format I recommended was very economical.

 CSi Complete
Dimensional Mail Campaign
In addition to writing, I came up with idea for the campaign and sourced the mailers. With telephone follow-up, CSi Complete pulled a 14% response rate and closed business with more than 5% of the businesses targeted.

 Welcome/Stick Letter, Before & After
That’s Great News! sells plaques. They sell them on a “we’ll send it to you and you have 30 days to pay us or ship it back at our expense.” The company was getting too many returns. I strategized with them and created a new “stick” package that included a new letter and two additional enclosures. The new package cut the product return rate.
“Stick” Package (Before)
“Stick” Package (After)

 What’s Working NOW!
I write all the copy and promotions for the What’s Working NOW online training and education webinar events.

EMail: Social Media Webinar
This was a paid webinar at $119.00 per seat and we had over 140 attendees.
EMail: Marketing On A Shoestring Webinar
Email: Search Engine Marketing Webinar
Email: Cold-Calling Webinar
Email: David Meerman Scott New Rules Webinar

Salespeople use this email as a follow-up to their voicemail.

What’s Working NOW!
Series of three postcards to drive attendance at a one-day conference on B-to-B marketing.
Postcard Campaign
Attention-Grabbing Coat Hanger Postcard (JPEG)
(Yes, we actually mailed it as shown.)

Northside Building Contractors
(Commercial roofing company)
Postcard Campaign (Cards 1 – 3)
Postcard Campaign (Cards 4 – 5)

 Performance Tools
High Impact Post-Tradeshow Mailer

Magic Plumbing
Postcard Campaign (Cards 1 – 3)
Postcard Campaign (Cards 4 – 6)
The company had been in business for more than 25 years under a couple of different owners. No one had ever thought of the “oh so obvious” benefit-laden tagline. I did.

Paule Attar Salon & Spa (Writing as a woman FOR women.)
Direct Response Letter
This letter targeting women business owners and executives generated a nearly 4% response. It’s a prime example of how a good writer, like a good actor, can convincingly play many different roles. (Personal note: While writing is my vocation, acting is an avocation.)

 Lincoln Financial Group
Direct Mail Package
Financial services writing can be challenging with all the compliance issues. Fortunately, in another life I worked as a stockbroker so I’m very familiar with what you can and cannot say.

U.S. Bank of Washington
Letter and Brochure
U.S. Bank launched an internal marketing program aimed at motivating employees to refer friends and family. This letter (from the bank president) and brochure introduced the program.

  Southerland Communities
(Land Developer)
Direct Mail Package
“If anyone deserves special treatment it’s you.” That’s the lead for the letter in this DM package mailed to veterans.

Action International
“Ouch” Letter
This letter, with a one-word headline of “Ouch,” was part of a successful multi-step lead-gen program.

Business Properties Commercial Real Estate Brokers
(one complete letter and five excerpts)
Letter Series
I wrote a series of six sales letters for this startup one-man commercial real estate brokerage. Eric Postle, the “one man,” credited this series with helping his new firm get off to a roaring start.

Audit My Bills
Letter Series
Audit My Bills helps companies lower their bills and get refunds from basic service providers.


Corporate Capabilities & Marketing Brochures

Capital Resin Corporation
Corporate Capabilities Brochure
Founded in 1976, Capital Resin Corporation is a contract manufacturer of specialty chemicals with an outstanding track record of service to their customers. A great bunch of people to work with.
Inter-Action Consultants
Corporate Capabilities Brochure
A Paris-based consulting company that’s been very successful in Europe is working hard to break into the U.S. market. This detailed brochure is part of that effort.
Long Circle, Inc.
Corporate Capabilities Brochure
A Chinese-American entrepreneur, who set up a company to provide China-based high-tech engineering and R&D services contacted me (from Shanghai, China no less) to help them tell their story.
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Marketing Brochure
This leader in the moving and storage industry wanted effective marketing content to help promote its international moving capabilities for businesses. And it got it.
This marketing content offers movers solid, unbiased insights on how to hold down moving costs and minimize the stress of moving.
Timberland Custom Homes
Corporate Capabilities Brochure
Exhibitors Carpet Service
Corporate Capabilities Brochure


White Papers, Case Studies, Newsletters

White Paper
The Bottom Line On Managed IT Services: Why Many SMBs Are Making The Switch
White Paper
HITECH, HIPAA, Rewards, Risks
White Paper
Key Website Security Facts To Know
Fact Sheet
How To Minimize Risk & Maximize Reward On Your Next IT Project
White Paper
Electronic Switching For Commercial Vehicles: 4 Key Considerations
White Paper
Latest Developments in Battery Connector Technology for Commercial Energy Storage Systems
White Paper
3 Key Applications For High Amperage Power Plugs & Jacks
White Paper
Field-Assembled Cables Or Overmolded? Key Factors To Consider
White Paper
Don’t Overlook These 5 Factors When Specifying Sealed or Rugged Connectors
White Paper
3 Reasons to Use Machined Pin Receptacles in Your Connector Design
Special Report

How the Service Point Cleaning System Outcleans and Outgreens Competing Janitorial Services – Often at a Lower Cost.
Case study 1
Case study 2
Case study 3
Three case studies for a cloud computing company
Molex Industrial News Volume 7
Molex Industrial News Volume 8
Molex Industrial News Volume 9


Content Marketing/Newsletters/Press Releases/Editorial

Content Marketing  


Article-length blog posts for Heilind Electronics

I worked closely with Heilind’s managers and sales executives to write a number of blog posts that offered practical, real-world tips and advice to its target audience of design engineers. At the same time, this content showcases the breadth of Heilind’s product line and the depth of experience and expertise of its people. 


When the marketing executive that contracted with me for the job left to take a position elsewhere the new head of marketing discontinued the blog. That’s why the posts are presented here as PDFs.

Harleys, Connectors, Design & Function
Specifying the Right Cable Tie For Your Application & Budget: 3 Key Considerations
How Solar System Installers Can Trim Balance-of-System Costs
5 Important Factors to Consider When Specifying Connectors
Heat Shrink Tubing: It Gets The Job Done In More Ways Than One
A Few Words About Strain Reliefs
In Praise of Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) Plugs
Barrier Strip Or Terminal Block Connector?
Material Facts To Consider When Considering Contacts
Choices: Magnet Wire & Magnet Wire Connectors
How Ribbon Cable Connectors Can Help You Cut Costs
Environmental Protection & Your Connectors           

Article-length blog posts for Specialty Technical Publishers  
Understanding Insurance Law (Rule Number One: Words Rule)

GHG Auditing and Environmental Compliance: Are You Prepared?
Intellectual Property Management: 3 Ways To Profit From Your Patent

Article-length blog posts for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Tips for Moving in the Winter — and One Reason Why It’s a Good Time to Move

Questions To Ask Your Mover – Or, Yourself

Tips for Minimizing the Stress and Cost of Your Move

 7 Common Sense Tips for Preventing Identity Theft When You Move

And for Stevens Records Management this website content
5 Important Cost Considerations When Considering A Records Management Company


Press Releases
Heilind Launches Operations In Asia, Opens Offices In Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore
Heilind Now Stocking Connectors From TE Connectivity’s Micro-MaTch Connector Portfolio Specialty Technical Publishers (STP) Earns Top Marks From Customers
Specialty Technical Publishers’ (STP) New Blog: Insurance Expert Barry Zalma On “Stacking” and Understanding Insurance Law
Heilind Stocking Molex DDR3 DIMM Memory Module Sockets
Heilind Stocking New Hirose DF62 Slim In-Line Connectors

Heilind Stocking TE Connectivity’s New Corcom Medium Performance P Series Power Entry Modules
Heilind Electronics Expanding Franchise With Molex

Announcing A Business Conference on B-to-B Marketing

Central Ohio Theater-Goers Summoned To Court



“How Elvis Helped Seal The Deal: Capturing Attention & Profits With Dimensional Mail”

Published in Deliver Magazine, a publication of the USPS



“Vendor-Managed Inventory Systems Utilize Emerging Software Technologies”

Published in The Houston Business Journal



“Promise vs. Reality: EDI, XML and E-Business”

Published in Electronic Commerce World



Web Sites/Online Sales Letters/Landing Pages


Web Content For A Strategic Planning Consultant

Strategy Execution: How to differentiate your business from 95% of the competition

Bottom Line Coach Strategic Plan Development & Execution Process

Executive Coaching

Online sales letter for the consultant’s book: Bottom Line Focus


Landing page to drive webinar registrations

“What’s Working NOW In Search Engine Marketing: How To Get More Hits, Clicks, Leads & Sales”


Web site home page copy

“7 Differentiators That Can Make a Difference In Your Business”