"It is the professional duty of the advertising agent to conceal his artifice.  When Aeschines spoke, they said, 'How well he speaks.'  But when Demosthenes spoke, they said, 'Let us march against Philip.'  I’m for Demosthenes." – David Ogilvy


Client Testimonials


“I contracted with Ernie to help Heilind with its content marketing needs. He worked with me and others in my company to create content for several venues including blog posts, press releases, and advertising. Ernie is a quick study, thorough and detailed in his project approach, and an excellent writer. All in all Ernie is a pleasure to work with; I recommend him without reservation.”
Paul Burkholder, Director Marketing & Communications at Heilind Electronics

“As a founder of over 14 ventures and consulting on over 35 restarts … I have hired Ernie Nicastro at Positive Response on numerous occasions (since 1994). His command of the written and spoken word is unmatched. He is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done on time and under budget. The best part is that when he writes something for public consumption – it gets published, it gets read! And you get responses.”
Torrey Russell, Founder, Remarking.it & CEO, Offers Network

“We hired Ernie to write a whitepaper for website security firm, SiteLock, that addresses the serious security problems SMBs face with their websites. Ernie quickly got up to speed on our company, industry and our products and services. His thorough and detailed research, combined with his excellent writing skills resulted in an initial draft that needed only minor tweaking – which he happily took care of for us. The resulting document – ‘Securing Your Small Business Website: Key Facts to Know, Actions to Take to Keep From Becoming a Victim’ – is one that we feel will be very informative for readers and quite effective for SiteLock as a part of our ongoing content marketing efforts. We look forward to working with Ernie again.”
Mary Miller, Director, Marketing at Unitedweb

“Ernie has written numerous articles for Stevens Van Lines. Although he was unfamiliar with our industry when I hired him, he had no problems developing creative, well written and timely articles. THANKS ERNIE!”
Ed Melton, VP, Relocation Services & Marketing, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

“I hired Ernest during the summer of 2011 to help our company complete its first white paper. I had just a couple of conversations with Ernest and provided him with some basic information, as he was not an expert in returnable plastic packaging, and within in a couple of weeks he had completed a very direct, thoughtful, and well written document. He was a pleasure to work with, as he was only concerned with providing a quality product in a timely fashion. I will definitely work with Ernest again”
– Bryan Mason, Marketing and Product Manager, The Fabri-Form Company

“I hired Ernie to clean up and rewrite the copy on my website. I had some conversations with one of the Web’s “top” copywriters before meeting Ernie. The guy quoted me a flat rate per page without any understanding of my business goals or market. Ernie took the time to understand my business strengths, weaknesses and goals. We started with an hour long interview keyed off of pages of questions he sent to me. The results was outstanding. He not only did a great job on the copy, he became a trusted marketing advisor. I’m planning on doing follow-up direct mail marketing plan as a result of his performance and commitment.”
– Martin Harshberger, Owner, Measurable Results LLC

“When it comes to business-to-business direct marketing, consider putting Ernie Nicastro to work. He combines proven direct marketing writing expertise with attention-getting creative to get the message through the clutter and get great results for his clients. And the best part is that his services are affordable.”
– Mac McIntosh, President, Mac McIntosh Inc.

“Ernest is a very knowledgeable marketer and effective copywriter. His advice and words have been most helpful to me in growing my business. And, he is a pleasure to work with, very responsive and a total professional.”
– Raghu Potini, CEO, Knowledge Capital , EGen Solutions, Inc.

“Working with Ernest will not only yield excellent professional results, but will also be satisfying from a personal point of view: always ready to go the extra step to “get it right”, Ernest is also a great source of tips and thoughts about what is working in marketing and communication and how the business is evolving. We are very pleased with the corporate brochure Ernest created for IAC Corp, and he has so much more to offer that I am sure I will be working with him again.”
– Gabriele Rosazza Prin, VP Operations/Deputy CEO, IAC Corp.

“We now have a sales and marketing tool that is second to none. I know from the presentations I’ve made that Ernest’s words and ideas, and the facts, figures, client stories and related information he pulled together and articulated for us are having a positive impact on clients and prospects. So if you’re in the market for the services of an excellent writer and marketer who will dig and probe for the vital information needed to convincingly communicate why people should do business with you – instead of someone else – give Ernest a call. You’ll be glad you did.”
– James Reed, Director of Sales, Inter-Action Consultants, North America

“I’ve used Ernie for several important copywriting projects and I highly recommend his services. He’s a consummate professional, he writes effective copy and he charges a reasonable fee.”
Bob Roscoe, CEO/Founder, That’s Great News

“It was a real pleasure doing business with you for the development of our introductory sales letters. You really took the time to understand each of our vertical markets and developed excellent communication pieces. We already have seen response from our brokerage letter that you created for us. I hope we can do business again in the future.”
– Lynne Doyle, Mgr. of Marketing and Communications, Atlantic Group Sales, Output Technologies (Now DST Systems)

“We were looking for a writer who understood sales and marketing. We decided to go with Ernest Nicastro and Positive Response. Not only he could put selling power into the materials, he also put in extra efforts to get the project out to meet our tight deadline and to work with our graphic design house. As a result, we were able to launch our marketing campaign successfully.” – Hayden C. Hong, President/CEO, Long Circle, Inc.

“Thank you for your help with the new letter program for our conservation program. Not only were you easy to work with you were prompt and very responsive. The text of the letters is exactly what we were looking for, easy to read and very appealing to our particular customer base. We look forward to working with you on future projects.”
– Cindy Smith, Customer Marketing, Colonial Life & Accident (Now part of UNUM)