“The ‘Beat the Rush’ Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Holidays Letter”

A number of years ago I sent out a Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Holidays Letter to clients. I received more than a few favorable comments on it. One client liked the letter so much he insisted on paying me for it so that he could use it for his company. Maybe you, dear reader, will want to do the same. That is, use it for your company.

Reproduced below is a copy of the letter. One big advantage to sending a Thanksgiving letter is that your greetings will likely be the very first of this type to arrive. So you’ll beat the “holiday rush,” stand out and be remembered.

If you put this letter to work for you I have one recommendation and one small favor to ask. The recommendation is to send it out the old-fashioned way, via postal mail. I just think it makes the sentiments more meaningful and special. As for the favor, if you do use this letter or some version of it, and receive comments about it, please check back and post about your experience with it.

Thanks for stopping by and – while I’m never one to get the holiday spirit this early in November – given the nature of this post it’s fitting that I wish you and your family and loved ones a joyous and happy holiday season filled with hearty health and much good cheer.

November 7, 2011

Mr. Wonderful Client
Wonderful Clients, LLC
1234 Wonderful World Ave., Ste. 1
Wonderful City, Wonderful State,  12345

 Dear Wonderful,

 As we approach the Holiday Season I hope that all is well with you and your family and loved ones. 

 (For smaller companies when writing to an owner or executive.) And I trust that things are continuing to go well with Wonderful Clients with another year of higher sales and profits.  Because like someone once told me, it’s good to see good people do well.

(For larger companies when writing to an employee, or, when writing to an individual who is the end-user of your product or service.) And I trust that things are continuing to go well with your work and career.  Because like someone once told me, it’s good to see good people do well.

Of course, next Thursday is the traditional start of the holiday season…and the day we set aside to count our blessings and give thanks (not to mention stuffing ourselves with obscene amounts of food).  And one thing I’m thankful for in 2011 is the opportunity to work with you and Wonderful Clients.

 So, as it is the most appropriate time of the year for this expression, let me say Thank You for helping to make 2011 a very good year for (Company of the person writing letter).  And as we wind down 2011 and move into the New Year please know that I look forward to my next opportunity to be of service.

My sincere best wishes to you and the entire Wonderful Clients staff for a very Happy Thanksgiving and a most joyful Holiday Season.


2 Responses to “The ‘Beat the Rush’ Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Holidays Letter”

  • Ernie, I used a variation of your Thanksgiving letter last month. I was surprised at how many people didn’t even acknowledge receiving it. However, the ones who DID acknowledge it used words like “unexpected”, “classy” and “amazing”…so it was all worthwhile. :-)

    Every year I think about doing a Thanksgiving letter, but almost never get to it. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get that out the door this year!

  • Ernest Nicastro

    Thanks for the feedback, Marty. Your experience with it is not unusual in either case. It sort of reminds me of the adage about when people get great service or are thrilled with your product, they’ll tell a half dozen or so people but if they get bad service or a bad product they’ll tell everybody.

    My thinking is that the great majority of those who received your letter appreciated the sentiments, even if they didn’t go out of their way to make it known to you. And knowing you, I’m sure you put a unique “Marty” imprint on my template.

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