"Easy reading is damn hard writing."
– Nathaniel Hawthorne



Got Questions?

Here Are Answers.


For example, maybe you’d like to know about my fees; how long it will take me to complete your project; how revisions are handled, and so on. All of these questions – and more – are answered below.

If you don’t find the answer to your question(s) please email me or give me a call at 614-747-2256. In most cases I’ll respond to your email within an hour or two but always within 24 hours. The same holds true if I’m unavailable to talk and you leave a voicemail.

How do you price your copywriting services?
In all but a handful of instances I charge a flat rate based on the project. This way you know exactly what your investment will be and I don’t feel guilty when I spend thirty minutes bouncing a tennis ball off the wall trying to think of the best way to start the next paragraph.

So if you have a clearly defined project in mind – i.e. white paper, email, sales letter, direct mail package, landing page, case study, website content, brochure, blogging, etc. – give me a call and let’s discuss the specifics. Or send me the pertinent details about your project in an email.

Please include:

  • Date by which you need a final draft
  • Number of pages or words as you currently envision it
  • The ideal reader for your content
  • The desired action you seek from your reader
  • Anything else you feel is relevant
  • Complete contact information.

Provide me with enough details and I can usually give you a quote during our phone call or within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Is it best to email or call?
Either will work just fine but a combination of the two usually works best. For instance, say you have a project in mind, funds available in the marketing budget, and you’re ready to move forward once you find the right freelancer. Send me an email (Subject: Freelance copywriter) with a couple of dates and times that would be convenient for you to discuss your project with me.

I’ll either email you back a meeting request blocking out an hour for one of your time slots or suggest a couple of alternative times. Often there’s more than one person involved on your end, so feel free to make this a conference call if that’s what works best for you.

If you don’t have all the details of your project worked out yet and you’d like to talk informally that’s fine too. Give me a call at 614.747.2256 and I’ll be happy to offer any advice I can.

Do you have experience writing copy for factory automation software companies?
No. Then again, I had zero experience writing copy for the electronics components industry – until I started writing copy for one of North America’s largest distributors of connectors.

I also had zero experience writing copy as a female owner of a high-end hair styling salon and spa – until I wrote a successful direct mail package that persuaded other female business owners and executives to schedule their first appointment with this salon and spa.

And I had zero experience writing copy for providers of website security services or for managed IT services providers – until I started writing copy for managed IT services providers and providers of website security services.

You get the point. A versatile and talented copywriter can handle just about any writing project.

The key questions to ask yourself are –

(1) Does the copywriter have a proven process in place for quickly getting knowledgeable about my product or service?

(2) Will that copywriter be able to convert this knowledge into relevant and relatable marketing content that achieves the results I want?

I have a successful process in place that I’ve used for many years that addresses both of the above questions. You can read about it here.

Do you know how to write search-engine-friendly copy?
Yes, I do. When I write your copy your keywords will occur naturally throughout the content, garnering time and attention from your customers and prospects – and from search engines. That said, I’m not an expert on search engine optimization and I don’t tailor my every word based on the latest pronouncements from Mt. Google. And I can’t guarantee that the online content I write will get you on the first three or four pages of results.

But I can give you my strongest assurances of this: When we work together you will get unique quality content. As you may know, unique quality content tops the list of 17 positive influences for “creating a quality website” per published guidelines from Google, Bing and Yahoo. This according to a January 21, 2014 article in Search Engine Watch.

Are edits and revisions included in your quote?
Yes. Once I have finished my prep work I’ll write a first draft and email it to you for your
review. Once I get your input I’ll prepare a second draft that in most cases ends up being the final draft. If need be, I’ll do a second round of edits. That said, I can’t recall the last time I had to do more than one round of editing.

Once you’ve written our copy our company owns it, right?
Once I have received payment in full for the project, your company owns all the rights and the copy is yours to do with as you please. So, yes.

In addition, to freelance copywriting do you also do layout and graphic design?
If I’m writing an email or a sales letter for you I’ll format the text for you as I think it should look. But otherwise I focus all my time and energy on being the best freelance copywriter I can be. I do though have talented graphic designers I work with that that can do layout and graphic design work for you.

How long will it take you to do my job?
That depends of course on the job. A 3-page case study might only take a week or two, whereas a 14-page, extensively-researched white paper could take a month or more.

My goal for every new client I take on is to be the most effective freelance copywriter that client has ever hired. And for my client to feel that the product she gets from me is the best of its type she’s ever had done. To that end, the more time you can give me the better.

So if you think you’ll be needing copywriting services soon and you feel I’m worthy of your consideration email me or give me a call now. The sooner we can work through the details, reach an agreement and get started…the more time I’ll have to focus on getting you the copy you need to achieve the results we both want.

I’m in another part of the world; can we still work together?
Sure. I’ve worked with clients in Europe and as far away as China. As long as you have a working email account we can work together. A Skype account is also helpful.

Do you do rewrite work?
Yes. If you’d like a quote let’s talk first. Then you can email me the document or send me a link. Once I’ve looked it over I’ll give you a quote.

How is payment handled?
Once we’ve decided to work together I’ll draw up a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that lists the deliverables, timelines and fee we’ve agreed to. I’ll print, sign and scan the MOU and email it to you for you to review and – if everything is in order – sign and return a copy of the document to me.

Once I receive your signed copy of the MOU I’ll email you an invoice for 50% of the project fee. When I’ve completed a first draft of your project I will invoice you for the remaining balance, with payment due in 15 days. That way there is ample time for me to finish any edits and revisions you see fit.